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The Gift of Clarity - Where Would You Want to Be A Year From Now?

I don't claim to be a career coach (though I do know someone I would highly recommend if you're ready to update your resume and want help with interviewing!)

That said, I often work with individuals who are finding themselves less and less fulfilled at work, even when they have the title and responsibilities they thought would bring them contentment.

For these clients, we take a variety of assessments, from vocational to relational, to really dig in and explore where they gain positive energy as well as what drains their energy. We explore their personal values, and work with words and language to help them articulate who they are, really, and why they may currently be feeling "stuck."

For many, just having this level of awareness helps put things back into perspective. They know the reasons they are feeling the way they are, and it helps them understand how to better manage their perspectives and expectations.

For others, they start to clearly see where they are "out of balance," putting most of their energy into areas that drain them. We then discuss what it would look like to put more energy toward areas in which they would gain positive energy, and they start to take steps toward bringing more balance - and positive energy - back.

For a few, their insights lead them to explore new career opportunities, seeking to align with environments that need and value who they are and what they offer.

I recently reconnected with a former client who fit into this last category.

She was becoming more and more frustrated and resentful at her current job, but didn't want to start a new job in the same industry, only to be just as frustrated. Toward the end of our time together, having learned more specifically about where she gets her positive energy, she had a very strong "AH HA" about the line of work she knew she had to pursue. It was something very specific, and not work that many would like doing, but SHE was energized and animated every time she talked about it. She knew it was her next right step; she just needed the time and space of coaching to come to that conclusion.

We reconnected briefly this weekend, and this was a direct quote from our conversation!

I don't take credit for getting her the job - she did that all on her own.

The role I played was to provide time, space, and a language to validate her through her assessment results and our discussions.

That gave her the confidence she needed to make a change and look forward to going to work every day.

Where could you be a year from now? What role could I play in helping you get there?

Schedule a free consultation to discuss the level of support that's right for you.


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