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Disrupting the Hustle Habit

I'm observing that many, if not most, of us are back to our "pre-COVID hustle" pace, meaning we're back to feeling over-scheduled, over-extended, and over-committed.


When things started to shut down in March of 2020, it forced us to disrupt our schedule and our patterns. We adapted to the environment at the time.


During that time of adapting, what wasn't addressed were the underlying beliefs and habits that allowed us to become over-committed, over-extended, and  over-scheduled in the first place.


The majority of those I coach are highly productive, dedicated, committed, capable adults and professionals. As such, they see that being highly productive, dedicated, committed, and capable has earned them trust and respect. Anything less would be unacceptable.


Then they share their struggles: That they are exhausted. That the pace isn't sustainable, but they don't see that they can let anything "drop." That "stopping" anything would be akin to FAILURE. Or, at the very least, they would disappoint others.


I get it. I've been there. It's painful. Heavy. It may even feel hopeless, if I wasn't so darned optimistic.


First step: Acknowledge where you are. The tools you've been using to get you here worked for you - and now, other tools are needed to keep taking you forward in a healthier way, without changing who you are at your core. We work together to find the tools that work best for that person.


One of my more popular tools is this Healthy Self Check-In list. It's amazing what can happen when you actually start questioning YOURSELF, and doing the work to find HONEST answers, not just justifying your (already overworked) actions.

It's ok to answer the questions honestly, and then keep doing what you've always done. It just means you're not ready to change... yet.

When you ARE ready to change - to disrupt your current pattern to get to something you want MORE, like peace, decreased stress, and clarity - I would love to join you on that journey.


You're capable of doing hard things that help you stay healthy, even when you're hustling.


Schedule a free consultation to discuss the support that's right for you.



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