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About CI

Updated: Jan 20

Regardless of age, we’ll all come to a point where we find ourselves asking:

  • How did I get here? (Or, How did I get here…again?)

  • I thought this would make me feel (satisfied, successful, safe, seen, etc.) Why don’t I feel that way?

  • Why isn’t this working?

  • What can I do differently to get a better outcome?

Getting “Unstuck”

Each of us has a unique story and unique experiences making us who we are today. We have something to contribute to the world that no one else can. Yet we struggle to bring our best self to situations life throws our way.

To varying degrees, each of us battles insecurity, fear, anxiety, shame, and anger. In that battle, we “armor up” with:

  • Tools learned early on (from our families, school, or peers) that don’t seem to be as effective as they used to be

  • Persona(s) that shift to blend in to whatever scenario we’re in, rather than our authentic self

  • Coping mechanisms that keep us “comfortable” (i.e. “stuck”)

  • Peers, friends, or other influences that reinforce our stories – that of victim (“Don’t you see how I was wronged?”) or bulldozer (“I had to do it, don’t you agree?”)

Over time, we unconsciously layer on more armor, the weight of which causes us to become battle-weary. We find ourselves…stuck. That’s when we start asking the questions above.

But there’s good news: it can all be better. Not just good, but great. And you have total control over the one factor that can make it better: YOU.

Welcome to Courageously Imperfect

This site is dedicated to:

  • Those ready to take courageous steps toward their better future, and positively impact generations to come.

  • Those who recognize the role they play in their own imperfect story and seek to embrace personal accountability and authenticity.

The (original) Courageously Imperfect logo is symbolic of our personal journey:

  • The light half of the circle, representing the self we choose to show others; it’s who others think we are based on what they see/observe.

  • The “shadow” half of the circle, representing part of our self we fill – consciously or unconsciously – with our past experiences, with influences we’ve allowed to shape us, with tools we’ve learned, and with emotions (fears, etc.) that are part of how we are naturally wired.

  • The outer circle represents our whole self, which is made up of both parts – our light side and our shadow side. It symbolizes the continuous cycle of how the things we allow to fill our “shadow” side will, eventually, flow through to the light side, which is how we present ourselves to the world. The outcomes can be positive or negative. We get to choose.

Using a car analogy, whatever gas we use to fill our tank will impact how far/fast our car will go. This is true whether we’re wanting to improve our physical health, how we manage stress, or our financial situation.

The purpose of this site is to provide tools, resources, and testimonials to help you identify what you are putting into your tank and how, with a few changes, you can start getting better “mileage” from your life.

Author's Update: The original CI logo is the black/white version. I then worked with master designer, Jen Heins of Heins Design, to create my updated logo. She captured the original symbolism, though it really is more "cool." I realized the importance of asking for help along the journey of being a solopreneur, so I see it all as part of the process of growth and surrender!

Ready To Take Your Next Step?

True transformation is more than just information. It’s applying what you’re learning in your day-to-day life, which can be hard. It helps to have support and encouragement.

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation to discuss the support to best meet your needs.


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