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A Model for Strategic Decision-Making

Updated: Jan 20

It's hard to know the "right" decision to make, especially in light of multiple options that could all be acceptable.

When I work with clients who are struggling to find the solution that's right for them, we go through an exercise where we take each solution and "try it on, to see how it feels."

We are always getting signals on the right solution for us, not just from our heads, but also our "gut" and intuition. Most of us haven't practiced how to, or don't know how to, access this important part of our decision-making process.

I first ask them to visualize a boulder and a barbell and ask how they feel different if they are lifting one vs. the other. Common responses I hear include:

  • Lifting a boulder seems daunting, if not impossible. Heavy. Overwhelming. It feels like a lot of effort, though it leaves you feeling tired and drained. It can feel hopeless, like, "Why bother?"

  • Lifting a barbell means lifting something that, while it may feel hard in the moment, is helping grow muscles and develop strength/stamina. It's worth the investment, even if it feels hard at the time.

As we explore each possible solution, they start to exclude "boulder" options and narrow down the "barbell" decisions toward their next step(s).

While the activity doesn't take much time, it does tap into our natural, internal systems to make strategic decisions that keep us on track.

If you find yourself wanting more accountability as you lift your barbells, or maybe you feel like you're lifting too many boulders in this season, I'm here to support you.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss the support you may need.


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